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Tips from previous TCAT participants



Participating churches have found the following methods of promotion to be the most helpful:

  • Lead from the pulpit:
    • Preaching a sermon series on the elements of the Transformational Church.
    • Leading key leaders (staff and volunteer) through the Transformational Church DVD.
    • Promote the project weekly: before, during, and after from the pulpit.
    • Personal invitations from pastor, staff, key leaders in the church.
  • Lead staff and leaders through a study of Transformational Church (book and DVD) so that everyone has a clear understanding of why and how the church will participate.
  • Publicize and remind members and attendees through:
    • online, email, and print newsletters
    • worship bulletin inserts
    • cards in their seats
    • page on church website
    • personal invitations
    • announcements in Bible study classes or home groups
  • Invite ALL members and attendees to participate.
    It is important to make it available to everyone and not just a select group. Not everyone will agree on every question, but it is important for as many people to participate as possible to get the most accurate results.
    • Printed versions of the survey are available once a church is registered. This is a very helpful option for folks who have limited internet access or for those less comfortable with computers in general. Printed surveys can be entered online by a volunteer or staff member at your church. The project leader for your church can access the printable survey by going to the “Take Survey” tool and clicking on the Print Version link at the top.
    • Find a volunteer to walk some members through the survey (over the phone or in person) and enter responses online for the participating member.
    • While this is the most time intensive of all of the options and not all churches need to use this option, it does help to make sure that every person in the church gets to share their insights regardless of their computer skills, eyesight, or access to the internet.
  • Create occasions for your church to complete the assessment
    • During Sunday School or bible study groups
    • Before and after services with computers set up outside of the sanctuary or worship area (with helpers available).
    • During a special fellowship event. 
    • At the end of a service or sermon series on the biblical
  • Remind members to PLEASE answer every question to the best of their knowledge.
    (This is required online but is easy to miss on the printed surveys.)
    • Answering every question (even if it is a guess or estimation) actually provides the best overall picture of opinions and understanding of congregation members.
  • Act on what you discover!
    • Celebrate the strengths and address challenges.
    • Share the results with leadership and the congregation.
    • Take action. Many of the churches who have been the most encouraged by the experience report that the actual changes they've made were often small and very manageable.
    • Celebrate growth.

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