Pastor and Primary Contact Responsibilities


Senior Pastor

When you register, it is imperative you select the role of Senior Pastor.

Once this role is selected, no one else in the church will see this as an available role. If you are the first person to register you will be asked to complete the basic information about your church.

Decide if you, Senior Pastor, are going to be the Primary Contact, who has a number of other responsibilities. If not, decide who you will delegate for that role.
If you are going to be the Primary Contact, be sure to review the next section.
Print out the Pastor Survey before trying to answer it online. It has several questions about your church that you may need assistance finding the answer to before completing the survey online.




Primary Contact

As the Primary Contact you are the only person who can access a number of functions within the TCAT interface.
  • Create Custom Questions
  • Designate others to be leaders
  • Edit the Church Information (name, city, state)
  • Invite a Consultant (optional) to assist the church in the TCAT process
  • Change who is designated as the Primary Contact for your church
While the church is in the process of taking the TCAT, the following information is available to the Primary Contact.
  • The list of users who have registered along with their email addresses and status on completing the TCAT. You will not have access to any users survey responses.
  • The ability to download printable surveys for TC, Pastor, and Demographics. If Custom Questions have been created, an option will be presneted to print these as well.

In the Reports section, a number of reports are available. It is best to wait until a significant number of people have completed the TCAT before running reports.

There is also an option to export the data into an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. (No user identifiable information is available in any of the reports or data extracts.)


Some churches desire to work with a trained TCAT consultant when they go through the process. When the primary contact selects this option, you will see a list of available Consultant Groups. If you are looking for an Independent Consultant, first select Independent Consultant Group, then look for available certified consultants in your area.

When you invite a consultant, an email will be sent to that Group or person instructing them to contact you.



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