Printed TCAT Surveys

Occasionally churches need other options for individuals to complete the online assessment. There is a way to provide printed hardcopies of the TCAT for people who do not have internet access or cannot come to the church office to have someone help them enter their responses online. To print off copies, you will need to do the following:

Log into your TCAT account


Log in under Returning User with the username and password you created during registration


On the Survey Tools page,
click Download Printable Surveys


Click on the name of each survey to open it then print a copy of each one.

  You'll want to make enough copies of the surveys for each person who will need to complete a printed copy.

Things to keep in mind when distributing and entering the printed surveys.

  • Remind those doing the printed surveys that they must be complete. Only completed surveys are included in the TCAT results.
  • Unique Usernames
    If possible, place labels on each of the printed surveys giving each one a unique username. (This will help those using the printed versions feel comfortable that their information will remain anonymous.)
  • When these surveys are being entered, each one will need to be registered with the church's passcode and a generic username/First Name/Last Name

    We recommend simply using some form of the church's name and a number such as GraceChurchHville01. If you have 10 printed surveys, each one would have a unique username ending in the next number such as GraceChurchHville01, GraceChurchHville02, GraceChurchHville03, and so on.

    This username can then we used when entering the printed surveys into the TCAT tool.


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