I am the Primary Contact

General information for the person who will be designated as the Primary Contact for a church going through the TCAT.



Who is the Primary Contact for a TCAT church?

Sometimes it is the pastor but most of the time it is someone else who handles many of the day to day tasks of getting everything set up within the church's TCAT account.


The Primary Contact...

is assigned to the first person who registers your church's TCAT passcode

has exclusive access to the various reports available inside the TCAT.

has access to create customized questions for the church.

First person to register your church's passcode will be the primary contact

assigns others in the church who can also be leaders in the TCAT tool.

Other tasks the Primary Contact may have or assist with include:

  • sharing the passcode and registration link with church members (http://tc.lifeway.com )
  • coordinating with the Pastor the TCAT process for the church
  • working with others designated as Leaders to promote the TCAT emphasis and help individuals and groups with their questions



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