TCAT and TDA - What's the Difference

What's the difference between the TCAT and TDA?

(Transformational Church Assessment Tool and Transformational Discipleship Assessment)


God calls us to make a transformational impact on the world, not provide a carnival of frenetic activity for ourselves." Transformational Church

  1. Transformation begins with God.
    • There can be no renewal, revival, or rebuilding without a vision for and an experience of the all-consuming, all-illuminating presence of God.
  2. We look to God's word before the research.
    • The Word of God is always the best place to begin. God’s Word always speaks with greater clarity and truth than anything we can muster up. That which has been inspired by the Holy Spirit thousands of years ago speaks to us today with startling immediacy.
  3. Believe beyond the obstacles.
    • One thing Transformational Churches discover is that God is indeed bigger and more powerful than any obstacle or challenge. Of course, all Christians believe this in theory. But TCs press on in faith, crazily trusting that when God said mustard seed faith could move mountains, He really meant it.







A "whole church" assessment.  
Available for individuals, groups, or the whole church.

The Transformational Church Assessment Tool (TCAT) provides your church with the ability to assess the health of the congregation, celebrate areas of strength, and address areas of concern. Old measures of church health have some value but often prove inadequate by themselves. LifeWay, through the Transformational Church initiative, is seeking to help churches change the scorecard--to better understand how to become a transformational church.


Transformational churches make disciples whose lives are being transformed by the gospel so that the culture around them is ultimately transformed.


For the Transformational Church project, we wanted to discover the differences between churches that grow and thrive and those that stagnate and languish.


The Transformational Discipleship Assessment Tool  helps people see how they are doing with those eight attributes. It answers, ‘Are you growing? Are you consistently following Christ?’ It also helps leaders know where to focus sermons, Bible studies, events and other disciple-building activities.”


As LifeWay Research approached the Transformational Discipleship project, two primary questions needed to be answered to get a clear picture of the state of discipleship in North American churches.


  1. One concerned the church as a whole: What is the state of discipleship within the Protestant church?
  2. The other concerned individuals: How do people really grow in their Christian faith?

Transformational Church Assessment Tool

  Transformational Discipleship Sweet Spot


Digs deep on 7 elements at work in churches seeing Transformation.

  1. Discern (Where are we?):
    • Missionary Mentality
  2. Embrace (Who are we?):
    • Vibrant Leadership
    • Relational Intentionality
    • Prayerful Dependence
  3. Engage (What are we doing?):
    • Worship
    • Community
    • Mission




Digs deep on 8 observable attributes at work in the lives of believers who are progressing in spiritual maturity.

  1. Bible Engagement
  2. Obeying God and Denying Self
  3. Serving God and Others
  4. Sharing Christ
  5. Exercising Faith
  6. Seeking God
  7. Building Relationships
  8. Unashamed (Transparency)


78 Questions




82 Questions


Summary report and Detailed report available for the whole church.



Summary reports and detailed reports are available for individuals, small groups, and the whole church or organization.



TCAT Research Methodology



TDA Research Methodology



Pricing for TCAT
(by avg # of weekend worship attendance)




Pricing for TDA
(by total # of uses purchased)



Assessing Spiritual Maturity and Healthy Missional Churches






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