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What is the TCAT (Transformational Church) and how can my church use it?



The Transformational Church Assessment Tool (TCAT) provides your church with the ability to assess the health of the congregation, celebrate areas of strength, and address areas of concern. Old measures of church health have some value but often prove inadequate by themselves. LifeWay, through the Transformational Church initiative, is seeking to help churches change the scorecard--to better understand how to become a transformational church.

  • When should a church take the TCAT?
  • Research behind the tool
  • How have churches benefited from it


Using the TCAT in your church (practical tips and guidelines)



Tips for preparing, promoting, and completing the TCAT

  • Preparing key leaders
  • The Pastor's Survey
  • Customized Questions
  • Distributing the code and/or printed surveys
  • Promotion
  • Accessing the results


Next Steps after completing the TCAT



This webinar takes a more in-depth look at basic next steps churches can take after they have completed the TCAT. How can you maximize the impact of the TCAT for your church.

  • Interpreting reports
  • Celebrating Strengths
  • Addressing Weaknesses


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